Funeral Plans

Plan for the!

None of us like to think of a time when we are no longer here but neither do we want to leave our families with the associated cost and organisation of a funeral at a time when they will need to grieve.

Taking a decision to plan for your funeral now and provide for its costs in advance allows you to get on with living your life to the full, without having to worry about the future.

A pre-paid funeral plan from one of our funeral plan providers offers you this peace of mind by fixing the cost of your funeral director’s services at today’s prices.

Plus you have the freedom to choose what you want in your funeral plan, including what is perhaps the most important choice – which funeral director will look after you and your family.

With the different range of pre-paid funeral plans available it is important that you know what your family will be getting now as you won't be around at the time of the funeral. 

If you don't like to think about your funeral, arrange a funeral plan soon so that you no longer have to think about it!

Some things to consider when taking out a funeral plan.

Do you want to pay for it all in one go? A typical funeral plan with a cremation or funeral, a hearse and one family limousine will cost around £3,850. This can be paid in one go or spread over a number of years. Most providers will have interest free instalments for 12 month plans. Longer terms will incur an interest charge.

If you die before the plan is fully paid your estate will need to pay for the shortfall.

We do have one provider who will pay remaining instalments as long as the plan is for more than 12 months, death occurs after 12 months and all payments have been made on time. 


The funeral directors costs are usually guaranteed however, burials and cremation fees can rise and most providers will have an allowance built into their plans for 'disbursements' which will usually rise with inflation each year.

Flexibility of who uses the plan

Some providers allow someone else to use the plan, for example, a couple may be able to afford just one plan so at the time of death they can choose who can use the plan. One provider allows this free of charge while others will charge for it.

As you can see what one funeral provider offers the others may not so it makes sense to discuss your options with us so that we can identify a suitable plan and provder for you.